A Prayer To Kek

Our Kek who art in memetics
Hallowed by thy memes
Thy Trumpdom come
Thy will be done
In real life as it is on /pol/
Give us this day our daily dubs
And forgive us of our baiting
As we forgive those who bait against us
And lead us not into cuckoldry
But deliver us from shills
For thine is the memetic kingdom, and the shitposting, and the winning, for ever and ever.
Praise KEK

VICE – The Great Meme War: CYBERWAR

If you haven’t seen VICE’s latest video titled “The Great Meme War: CYBERWAR” check out our edit with our favorite parts cut out with animated Pepe added for the lulz:

VICE’s segment was actually really well put together and it is a sign that they are catching on to our memetic capabilities.  Time to upgrade our gear, upgrade our weapons, and upgrade our armor because the meme war rages on!

See the full uncut and unedited VICE video here.


Meme Magic: Secrets Revealed Book is Now Available for Purchase!

Meme Magic: Secrets Revealed
Meme Magic: Secrets Revealed

Baked Alaska’s Meme Magic: Secrets Revealed book is now available for purchase.  Learn about the meme magic secrets that got Donald Trump to become the next president of the United States. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter on our homepage as we start ramping up with more content in the coming weeks.


Update 9/18/2017: It looks like the book was pulled from Amazon indefinitely. We don’t know if or when it will come back for sale. In the meantime, if you are interested in similar literature, check out the following titles:

Occult Memetics
Occult Memetics
You're Imagining Things
You’re Imagining Things

Update 2/20/2018: The book was re-released with a slightly modified title and cover…kek. 😉 Go check it out: 

Meme Magic Secrets Redacted

The Cult of Kek is Our Religion. Kekistan is Our Nation. Win a Kekistan Flag!

Kek Republic Flag
The Cult of Kek – Kekistan Nation Flag

We are giving away 10 Kekistan Flags to 10 lucky winners for the following 10 days. The contest begins now. Please go to our Facebook page for all the details.  The more you share, the better your chances to win (get extra points for referrals).

Kekistan Republic Flag
The Cult of Kek – Kekistan Nation Flag at Trump Rally
Kekistan Republic Fan - Hotel de Ville
The Cult of Kek – Kekistan Flag at Hotel de Ville

If instead you want to purchase the flag straight from Amazon follow the link below to order.

Kek Flag Amazon Shopping Link:


S H A D I L A Y!

Vive La France! Vive Le Pen! #jevote #marine2017 #pepewilluniteus

Make France Great Again
Marine Le Pen Pepe


Small but important news update here for our fellow kekists. The French elections are only five days away and the meme war is heating up. PepeWillUniteUs.com is a new website that we are launching that unlike LeCuck’s HWNDU non-art project, we believe Pepe is an instrument to unite all of us and our memetic capabilities.

Pepe Unites Us
Pepe Will Unite Us Flag

Let’s help Marine Le Pen win the French Elections and help Make France Great Again! Spread the word, share it, and don’t forget to fire your memes at the enemies!

P.S. We will be releasing a treasure trove collection of Pepe Memes in a few days. Stay tuned or sign up for our newsletter to get e-mail notification of the meme dump.

G.I.Pepe: A Real American Hero Facebook Photo Contest Winner Announced

G.I. Pepe: A Real American Hero Template Black
Photo Contest Winning Prize Kek Statue
G.I. Pepe – A Real American Hero – Photo Contest Winning Prize Kek Statue

Exactly one week ago, we announced the winner of our first ever Facebook group photo contest to see who can come up with the best G.I.Pepe: A Real American Hero meme. We originally supplied the templates to work with and were very impressed with the fresh G.I.Pepe Memes we were able to come up with. We ran the contest for 7 days (SHADILAY) and at the end we let everybody vote for the best one. The winner was awarded a Kek Statue for their efforts!


We had a total five entries and we loved every single one of them! We were surprised by the results but why not take a look for yourself!

Photo Contest Winner

G.I.Pepe -A Real American Hero Photo Contest Winner

Photo Contest 2nd Place

G.I.Pepe -A Real American Hero Photo Contest 2nd Place

Photo Contest 3rd Place

G.I.Pepe -A Real American Hero Photo Contest 3rd Place

Photo Contest 4th Place

G.I.Pepe -A Real American Hero Photo Contest 4th Place

Photo Contest 5th Place

G.I.Pepe -A Real American Hero Photo Contest 5th Place

Feel free to steal these from us as they are definitely the rarest Pepe’s to date that we have been able to come up with. Remember to spread them far and wide! G.I. Pepe truly is A Real American Hero!

Think you can come up with a better meme? Want to give it a shot and see if you can reproduce something with an even bigger impact? Download our G.I. Pepe: A Real American Hero templates to dive in and try it for yourself.

Join our Facebook Group as well, we are actively looking for new members all the time. No normies allowed! Shadilay.

You can always follow us on our new Twitter and now Instagram (for the rarest and freshest Pepe memes) or visit our Facebook Public Page as well!

Cucks and Heretics

Not a Cuck Pepe
The Cult of Kek – Not a Cuck Pepe

For those who don’t yet know, our old group was compromised by a bunch of cuck admins who will have to eventually face the wrath of KEK himself. We are rebuilding our new group and have been steadily climbing back up. With the launch of this website, we aim to regain all our past members and are going to become more bad-ass than our last group. We have a new team of admin and mods who are working around the clock to make our Cult of Kek Great Again!