Vive La France! Vive Le Pen! #jevote #marine2017 #pepewilluniteus

Make France Great Again
Marine Le Pen Pepe


Small but important news update here for our fellow kekists. The French elections are only five days away and the meme war is heating up. is a new website that we are launching that unlike LeCuck’s HWNDU non-art project, we believe Pepe is an instrument to unite all of us and our memetic capabilities.

Pepe Unites Us
Pepe Will Unite Us Flag

Let’s help Marine Le Pen win the French Elections and help Make France Great Again! Spread the word, share it, and don’t forget to fire your memes at the enemies!

P.S. We will be releasing a treasure trove collection of Pepe Memes in a few days. Stay tuned or sign up for our newsletter to get e-mail notification of the meme dump.