October 7th, 2018: Kek Appears

OP: Anonymous (ID: TClLxdrW) 10/07/18(Sun)12:53:17 No.188527138

You faggots have largely abandoned & shunned the God we’ve awakened, who pushed reality in just the right spots to make the current timeline as it stands possible. It going mainstream with maximum cringe is irrelevant. The flood of newfag unbelievers not here to witness any of it firsthand are irrelevant.

Most of the wins of late have been the left losing by shooting itself in the foot because of TDS. Feed our God with belief, praise, and worship, and the favor will return. Ignore it, or scoff at it, and we run the serious risk of the God of chaos finding the asspain resulting from our own collective situation becoming chaotic much sweeter.

Shadilay brethren & faggots alike. May Kek be praised & know we are still grateful.


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