Cucks and Heretics

Not a Cuck Pepe
The Cult of Kek – Not a Cuck Pepe

For those who don’t yet know, our old group was compromised by a bunch of cuck admins who will have to eventually face the wrath of KEK himself. We are rebuilding our new group and have been steadily climbing back up. With the launch of this website, we aim to regain all our past members and are going to become more bad-ass than our last group. We have a new team of admin and mods who are working around the clock to make our Cult of Kek Great Again!

21 Replies to “Cucks and Heretics”

    1. Forgive me Kek for overposting…my frog runneth over. Hallowed be thy croak. Reeeedeeeep.

  1. Oh Kek giver of the wins
    Unsuspend me from Twitter
    I didn’t meme to hurt them

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