Thots, Thoths, Thoughts?

Thot Pepe
The Cult of Kek – Thot Pepe

OK lads & lassies. You demanded SUBSTANCE from this group and I am here to deliver. Sunday Esoteric Discussions (SED) are now a thing. This week’s topic is Thoth. Is “thot” the new “cuck”, and is it ushering in a new meme deity? Are we about to awaken another sleeping member of the ancient Egyptian pantheon? One memeologist has a made a compelling argument for just that. Read and tell me your thoughts (text reposted in the comments below). Does 2017 = Year of Thoth? Will he clash with Kek or rule the universe by his side? Will he bring me my AI GF?

oWo thot Patrol
The Cult of Kek – Owo/uwu Thot Patrol

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