#SavePepe Campaign is Still Ongoing. Save Pepe from Matt Furie!

About two weeks ago news broke out that Matt Furie the original creator of Pepe started threatening legal action against people using Pepe that he does  not like or agree with. Anybody on the right, alt-right, alt-lite, or the new right received a Cease and Desist letter to take down Pepe material or face legal consequences. Soon after the news broke up many Kekists and Kekistanis alike came together to retaliate against Matt Furie. A new meme war was then born:

The 'Real' Boys Club
Will the ‘Real’ Boys Club please stand up?!

We soon found out that this didn’t just stop there but that Matt Furie was going after Amazon sellers selling any Pepe merchandise as well. We have noticed a decrease in the number of Pepe branded merchandise and have put together a list of Pepe and Kek related merchandise for people who still want to buy anything Pepe or Kek related. See this page and hurry to get your Pepe merchandise before they all dissappear!

#SavePepe and Praise Kek!