Crowdfunding Yooka-Laylee Dev Playtonic Gives Into Thought Police, Offers No Refunds for Outraged Backers

Beloved youtuber Jon “Jontron” Jafarri has recently come under attack by the SJW hivemind for the heinous crime of wrong think.

The latest bout of concentrated tumblrtard fury stems from certain anti-PC ideas voiced by Jontron during his appearance on a liberal “debater”/gamer’s livestream.

Naturally, the SJW’s offended by Jontron’s statements immediately threw their full force into calmly and logically dismantling Jon’s ideas, fairly and honorably proving their ideology’s superiority on the noble battleground of ideas.

LOL. I’m just kidding. They set out to ruin Jontron’s life in any way they possibly could.

Sure enough they soon found a chink in the armor to hone in on: Jon’s voice acting arrangement with game developer Playtonic, for the upcoming video game Yooka-Laylee. Within hours they’d organized a campaign pressuring Playtonic into ditching Jontron.

Playtonic complied.

What followed next was the typical blowback shitstorm that companies never seem to foresee when they shaft people of opposing ideologies, then followed by the equally typical double-down mentality of the (apparent) SJW elitists employees at Playtonic.

I’ll leave the rest of this sad, sordid, shilltastic tale in the capable hands of Mister Metokur:

Enjoy the incoming shitshow, shadilytes. I think 2017 may have found its own Ghostbusters 2016 SJW debacle.