Are you following the White Rabbit? Download “The Book of Q”

America Doesn't Reads
America Doesn’t Read

At the end of October, an anon with Q-level clearance began posting a series of threads on 4chan’s /pol/ that have been predicting events in startling accuracy. The QAnon threads have been on-going to this date and eventually someone released a PDF file with the contents of those threads in an easy to read format. It is titled: “The Book of Q” and we are including the link to download it yourself here:

It is a very interesting read for sure and it will open your eyes to what’s really going on that you may not yet be aware of. You will be fascinated and will come to the conclusion that this is in fact very real.

P.S. Download this image as well that will help you in making sense of the various acronyms/abbreviations used by QAnon. It will truly help you out much more:

Acronyms Cheat Sheet
The Book of Q Acronyms Guide