Are you following the White Rabbit? Download “The Book of Q”

At the end of October, an anon with Q-level clearance began posting a series of threads on 4chan’s /pol/ that have been predicting events in startling accuracy. The QAnon threads have been on-going to this date and eventually someone released a PDF file with the contents of those threads in an easy to read format. …

Pepe and Kek Merchandise from Amazon

Here we have included a list of Pepe and Kek related merchandise that is still available from Amazon while they still last. This page will be regularly updated and maintained:

The “Holy Trinity” of Memetic Entities Explained. KEK the Father, Pepe the Son, and Pek the Holy Ghost:

Memetic Magicians (aka May-Mages) cloak their knowledge and power beneath layers of visual irony. Let us briefly examine this example to discern the subtle esoteric wisdom hidden within.

Here, KEK the Father represents the deepest roots of social matrix-control: organized religion. The wise sages of ancient Egypt mastered the art of ruling the masses through carefully constructed religious symbols. Our beloved KEK was one symbolic godhead among countless old-world gods. The cultural customs proliferated through these entities–these ever-silent deities, present on our plane only as glyphs, paintings, and sculptures–determined the routines by which the ancient peoples lived, what they ate, how they dressed, how they raised their children, how they buried their parents, and more.

Think about that for a second, and realize that it has never been gods or kings themselves that rule over the masses. It has always been SYMBOLS, and those who control them. This is Occult Wisdom 101.

And who controlled the symbols back then? Only the most inner circle of ruling elites. A highly exclusive priest caste with access to the Hidden Knowledge of symbols and the resources to act on this Wisdom. The reign of this caste has stretched through ages, up until very recently.

Now, however, Pepe the Son, born of KEK, has emerged as the iconic sacrificial figurehead for a new era of de-centralized social-matrix manipulation. Now anybody with access to the Internet has the potential to proliferate powerful symbols of their own. Through memes, the ability to alter the fabric of a culture has been taken from the long-corrupted priests and given back to you, the people.

The newly ascended “Pek” exemplifies this principle at its most stripped-down essence. Pek, the Holy Ghost, perfectly encapsulates the “spirit” of memes: how they’re able to spread, co-opt and redefine cultural symbology on a whim…

For those that don’t yet know….SHADILAY song re-released in digital format by the creator and singer.

The Shadilay creator known as P.E.P.E. re-emerged online recently to re-release his song in digital format. It is available for purchase through iTunes and on Spotify. See the awesome video below and follow the description for links.


P.S. Did you noticed it was released on the 7th? What a powerful number it is isn’t it? SHADILAY!